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What is Earl Grey Black Tea?

Earl Grey is one of the most popular flavors of hot tea in the world and its name is instantly recognizable to almost anyone, even if they aren't that familiar with different types of tea. Earl Grey is classified as a black tea and has a slightly spicy and distinct flavor that has been enjoyed by millions of tea drinkers all over the world since the mid-19th century. However, those who enjoy this classic British tea may not know that its history is as rich as its taste, and that there a number of health benefits included in drinking Earl Grey that may surprise them, particularly with organic blends.


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History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey, which is considered by many to be the best black tea in the world, has its roots in the 1800s in Britain, where Charles Grey, the second man to hold the title of Earl Grey after his father, received the blend as a gift. There are several legends as to why he received the tea, but one popular story is that he saved the life of a prestigious Chinese educator's son when he prevented him from drowning. This legend has mostly been debunked, and it's much more likely that the tea was created for Earl Grey to offset the taste of the water they used at his home, which had strong lime flavor to it. Unlike English Breakfast tea, which has a rich and strong flavor, Earl Grey tea has a more subtle citrus flavor and is said not to blend as well with cream and sugar. Lady Grey often served this tea to her guests, and as its popularity grew in social circles, the tea company Twinings of London obtained the blend and began to market Twinings Earl Grey tea soon after. Since then, it has been popular throughout the world for its unusual and unique flavor.

What Gives Earl Grey Its Flavor?

When it comes to hot tea, Earl Grey gives off a distinct aroma that's instantly recognizable. Both Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea, to which lavender is added to the original blend, contain citrus fruit, but each is quite different. The original Earl Grey blend contained bergamot oil, which is extracted from the unique Bergamot orange. This type of orange, which is most commonly exported from Italy, is a hybrid of several different types of citrus trees and blooms in the winter months. Unlike traditional citrus oranges, the Bergamot orange is green in color and resembles a lime, although it is larger and rounder like an orange. The Lady Grey blend contains Seville oranges, which hail from Spain and are much tarter than Bergamot oranges, giving each tea blend, whether it's iced tea or hot, its own unique citrus flavor. Not only are the flavors of these blends delicious, but the ingredients offer a number of health benefits that other black teas do not.

Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits

Whether you serve it with Earl Grey cookies, (which are also flavored with citrus and are a perfect complement to the tea,) drink a hot Earl Grey latte, or even drink it cold, there are many organic Earl Grey tea benefits for both the mind and the body. One of the greatest benefits of this tea is that its aroma and taste has been shown to improve mood, lessen feelings of stress and anxiety, and provide those who drink it with a sense of calmness. This might seem strange, since tea is usually seen as a stimulant, but Earl Grey tea caffeine levels are much lower than other organic teas and less than half than that of a cup of regular coffee. Does Earl Grey Tea have caffeine? Yes, it is not naturally decaffeinated, but if you're trying to cut back on your caffeine, then this blend is a great choice.

Several studies have been completed on black tea benefits over the years, and some of them have shown that one benefit of teas like Earl Grey have a positive impact on both cholesterol levels and circulation. Not only does drinking organic Earl Grey reduce bad cholesterol, it also helps to regulate the body's blood sugar, which may greatly benefit those suffering from diabetes. Drinking organic tea improves these benefits, as this type of tea does not contain additives and experiences less processing.


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Organic Early Grey

If you're drinking Earl Grey tea purely for its health benefits, then the best Earl Grey tea choice is an organic blend. Organic tea is not chemically treated with pesticides or enhanced fertilizer that contains potentially harmful chemicals. Many commercial teas are grown this way, and the leaves are processed with chemicals and then air dried without being cleaned, which means that any chemicals that are contained within the tea are then released when the bags come into contact with hot water. These chemicals are then consumed and taken in by the body, where they might build up over a number of years and cause harm. Drinking organic Earl Grey blends will prevent this issue, and there are a number of companies who offer an organic blend. For example, both Bigelow tea and Pu-erh tea brands carry an organic Earl Grey that has not been treated with chemicals.

Some tea drinkers mistake the Pur-erh brand of Earl Grey as being organic because of the way it is fermented and because of its appearance, which is tightly rolled into a number of different shapes, but some flavors of this tea have been chemically treated and therefore cannot be considered organic. In order to ensure that you're drinking Earl Grey blends that haven't been processed using potentially harmful pesticides or other chemicals, read the packaging on your tea carefully. Most organic products have been certified as such and will be labeled organic. If you are concerned about how some tea companies certify their organic products, it's a good idea to check out their individual company websites so that you can ensure the organic quality of the Earl Grey blend you're drinking or go to for more information.

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